“No matter how busy they are, the staff are always friendly and I always get exactly the haircut I want.”
“Reliable, quick and friendly. I’ve been a loyal client for years.””These people really know what they’re doing. I’ve found my favorite stylist and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. Thanks!”
“A few days ago i went to a salon in new jersey, the hair stylist gave me the worst highlights ever (I asked her warm caramel highlights, but days later turn into orange). So I called salon allure in PA and told them it was an emergency so they were very accomodating they gave me an appointment the same day I called. Thanks to Jack’s expertise and experience And Diane they could fix my highlights. They did a great job and left the salon very happy. I’m very grateful for that. I will def come back again!”
– Linda D
“I needed a serious dye job; my grey hairs were becoming increasingly un=flattering, and were in danger of my being pegged as to old to be promotable at work…the technicians at salon allure analyzed my hair color, and recommended a stain treatment which resulted in a much more natural color balance; the cut afterwards was an update for me, and really resulted in a new more modern look; my wife and i are really pleased with the results!”
– Joe M.
“I was going to the same salon for years and no one ever told me that I needed updating. One day, a friend asked me to come with her to her salon while she was getting her hair done. While I was there, Jack the owner offered for one of his stylists to do my hair for free. My friend insisted, so I did. Well, that was the best decision of my life. Sherry made me look 10 years younger with beautiful highlights and color and the cutest haircut. Since that day 3 years ago, I have been a loyal customer of Salon Allure. I love how friendly everyone is especially Sherry, Jack and Michelle. Thanks guys!”
– Stephany T.
“I have been going to Salon Allure for over 10 years, and have been very happy with all the results. About 7 years ago as I was in my early 50’s, and getting grayer, I had never thought about getting my hair colored, guys don’t do that! I have seen guys 66-70 with Jet Black hair with no grey at all which looks very fake. Jack assured me that the way he touches up color is carefully color certain parts of the hair but leaving grey as well to make the hair look age appropriate and natural.”
“Hey, most people want to hold on to youth a bit longer and having a natural looking head of hair make you feel more confident. Another tip that Jack mentioned some years ago is that you don’t wait until you lose your hair to start using a little bit of Rogaine/Minoxidil in the morning. He said it’s best to start using a little before you start losing your hair to reduce the chance of losing it. I would highly recommend Salon Allure for guys who want great hair. Keep up the great work. Thanks.”
– Tom S.